AboutWelcome to Sanlam’s Design System Manager (DSM). This DSM is used by Sanlam and Sanlam’s partners to manage our Design System (DS). Principles, guidelines and code are combined to give stakeholders, designers and developers everything they need to align and build out their digital properties as efficiently as possible. Our DS is never complete, but rather continuously evolves, catering to market and business needs.
For DevelopersThis DSM holds the documentation and code for developers to get started, creating alignment and efficiency around coded components. Featuring vanilla HTML/CSS as a base, we will build out Javascript framework specific libraries as demand dictates.
For DesignersWe use Abstract to manage the design of our products and websites. Within that ecosystem, there are numerous libraries of shared components and design styles that designers use to build out their experiences consistently and on-brand for Sanlam.
How we work
Client CentricOur design is guided by data and insights with the aim of solving our clients real problems, creating delight and value wherever possible.
CollaborativeWe share design and work openly and transparently, placing emphasis on the quality and effectiveness of design solutions.
EfficientWherever possible, component libraries and methodologies are shared, creating consistency and saving design and development time.
Design Patterns & Code Guidance
Colour, type, elevation and more. Foundation uncovers the fundamental base elements and design tokens that underpin all our design.
Reusable building blocks that can be assembled in different combinations to consistently build out our products and websites, allowing us to manage design and development at scale.